Email Marketing Service Tailored To Your Business

Revenue-Focused | Completely Done-For-You

What we will do for you over the next 60 days:

Analyze your business, your products, and your offers to understand your brand identity, and then research your target audience to know exactly what will make them tick

Formulate a fail-proof email marketing plan that will achieve your email marketing goal

Create the email contents you will need to execute the plan, both the sequence emails, and the broadcast emails

Design each email so it becomes catchy, and excellently represents your brand

Set up the right tags and segmentation for your subscribers inside your autoresponder

Monitor performance and keep fine-tuning it till it’s at its peak performance

Load up the emails into your autoresponder and set up automation to trigger each one to go to the right person at the right time

BONUS 1: Help you set up a lead generation system for your business in case you don’t already have that

BONUS 2: Improving your email deliverability

BONUS 3: Coach you to manage the system yourself when the 60 days are over so you wouldn’t need any other external hands

What you should expect:

Minimum of 100% ROI within 60 days

Minimum of 1,000% ROI within 12 months

60-Days Guarantee

Full refund if we fail to deliver any result for you, or we continue working for you till we deliver the promised results

Choose Your Best Option

(NOTE: We only have limited spots available every 60 days. So be sure to sign up fast to secure your spot this month)

$5,000 One-time payment

3X Monthly Payment of $2,250

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