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While I’m Not A Harbinger Of Bad News, I Must Tell You The Truth:

You’re Losing 80% Of Your Potential Revenue By Not Using Email Marketing

If you think you’re making enough money in your business, believe me, you’re losing even much more

If your revenue is standing at $100,000 yearly, just know that you missed an additional $400,000 in potential revenue


Don’t worry, let me explain it to you

When people visit your website, only about 1-2% will buy whatever you are selling…lots of research has proven this to be true

The rest will leave and probably never return

To get them to come back, you’ll need to spend extra money and effort on ads to retarget them

Now, let’s assume you had 1,000 visitors, and only 20 bought, which represents 2%.

It means that you have 980 other visitors who were interested in your offer, and visited your website, but never bought for one reason or the other

Maybe they were not with their credit card at that time, they were busy with work, they were seeing a movie, or just about any reason

Now, imagine for a second that before they left your website.

You found a way to get their contact information, maybe by offering them some kind of free information about your product or service in exchange for their email, 40-50% of them will have happily given you their name and email

Now, let’s assume 40% of the 980 that never bought, opted in, you now have 392 leads interested in your offer

If you follow them up with great emails over the next couple of days, at least 20% of them will eventually buy and this represents…

"79 extra sales"

Amazing! Isn’t it? 

Meaning that in our example, you got 10 sales without email marketing. But if you had added email marketing to the mix, you would have gotten 10 + 79 = 89 sales

Can you see the wide difference?

And Here’s Another Thing: You'll Make Even More Profit In The Long Run Than You Did In The Short Run

You see, it’s not about the extra sales you can get with email marketing from each subscriber over a few days of their signing up…

…It’s about what you’re going to make from them over the following months or even years

Let me explain

From these email list you get, you can still make hundreds of sales over the following months promoting your other offers to them

When you launch a new product, you can email them, and they’ll buy…no money spent on ads

When you add a new feature, you update them through email, and those that haven’t bought, will buy…zero ad spend

During festive seasons, you email them special offers, and they’ll buy…zero and spend 

And lots more

In fact, this singular move of adding email marketing to your promotional mix, is guaranteed to increase your revenue by over 4,400% over time

And beyond just making loads of revenue from the leads over time, your email list can be your biggest source of feedback for improving your product or creating a new one

Yes, with just one email, you can get 100s of feedback for your products quickly

This alone can save you lots of business research cost.

What I Like Most About This Is:

The only expense is your email marketing platform fees, which could be in the range of $0 – $297 per month, depending on the platform and package you choose.

So when you hear people say that “for every $1 invested in email marketing, you can get $44 back”, they are not exaggerating…it’s true

And If You're A Busy Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Email Marketing Will Work Independent Of You Without Requiring More Time Commitment

Yes, you won’t need to add extra hours into your already busy daily activities

Email marketing can be 100% automated

Once you set up everything correctly, your email marketing system will be working 24/7/365 getting leads for you, nurturing them, and selling to them

Your only job will be to get more traffic to your website, and the system does the selling for you

And even the job of getting traffic can be 100% automated. Your hands are already full; you don’t need more

Interesting, isn’t it?

If That Still Doesn’t Convince You To Incorporate Email Marketing In Your Business Today, Maybe The Words From These Big Businesses And Digital Marketers Will

If you’re not seeing the email marketing channel as a money-making machine, you have the wrong strategy.

Hans Smellinckx
Co-founder & CEO, Markies

An online (or offline) business owner who maximizes his use of email marketing can double or triple the profits of his business in a very short time.

Jay White
Senior Marketing Manager, Mass Market

Signing up is a powerful signal of intent to buy. Just send them emails, and they will buy

Jordie van Rijn
Independent email and eCRM marketing consultant

Email is the ONLY audience you truly OWN. No algorithm to beat, no ongoing ad fees, and true buy-in from your biggest fans.

Jonathan M
CEO, K&J Growth (award-winning growth hacker marketing agency)

Consumers who purchase products through email, spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers

Disruptive Advertising
Top PPC Agency in the US

18% of companies and business owners using email marketing achieve ROI greater than $70 per $1. That is an amazing 7000%


At This Point, You’re Probably Asking:

If Email Marketing Is So Great And Can Boost Revenue By 4,400%, Why Aren’t A Lot Of People Exploiting It?

The answer is very simple:

A lot of them don’t understand how to go about it

And those that seem to understand it, are doing it the wrong way

I’ll explain further, and you’ll know where you fall under at the moment:

#1: 60% Of Business Owners Don’t Understand Email Marketing Yet

They know that they need traffic to make sales

So, they run ads, do SEO, and social media marketing

But they are not actively building an email list from all the traffic they are getting

And because of that, they are stuck with only the 2% of sales they are able to scoop from the traffic they get

For them, the sales look good enough, without knowing that they could make much more if they added email marketing to their mix

#2: For Those That Seem To Understand Email Marketing, And Are Building An Email List, 85% Of Them Are Not Communicating Well Enough

Here’s the thing:

Most businesses who are getting leads from their traffic send emails only once, usually the “thank you for signing up” email, and that’s all

They get stuck, not knowing what else to send to their leads

And so they give up, allowing their list to go dormant

The bad thing is that once you don’t communicate with your leads, they forget about you completely

For your information, when people sign up to your email list, they are expecting to hear from you

They are interested in knowing more about you so they can make up their mind to buy from you

So, if you are not often sending them emails, you’ve disappointed them, and you’ve lost loads of potential sales too

#3: Those That Try To Communicate Often, Most Times End Up Sending Emails That Piss Off Their Leads, Leading To Lots Of Unsubscribes And Spam Reports

You see, email writing is a skill; in fact, it’s an art

Writing emails that people love to read and act on, is completely different from writing articles and blog posts

Aside from writing the emails, there are also strategies for how and when you should send them to your leads

Most people mess this part up, and so get little to zero results from their email marketing efforts

And so, they quit.

The Fact Is, If You Do Your Email Marketing Right, You Should Be Able To Make Between $1 - $10 Per Month From Each Subscriber You Have

Again, this is not an exaggeration.

If you have 1,000 subscribers in your email marketing system, it’s expected that you should generate between $1,000 to $10,000 monthly from your email marketing efforts

In our business, email marketing makes up 70% of our revenue, and we are averaging between $6 – $8 per subscriber monthly

And if you will take time to master how email marketing works, and how to apply it in your business, you should be able to double, triple, or even quadruple your business revenue using email marketing over the next 60 – 90 days.

Okay, I Now Understand Why Successful Businesses Are Using Email Marketing, And I’m Ready To Put It To Use Too. How Do I Start?

Awesome, glad you’re ready to make the right move

By the way, my name is Patrick Enyum, a digital marketer and product creator

Over the last 5 years, my team and I have created digital products that have generated over 7 figures in revenue to date

And 70% of the revenue we generate come from email marketing, yet email marketing takes less than 2% of our marketing budget

We’ve mastered the art of using emails in our business that other colleagues have come to us to show them how we run it

See what some of them have to say about us:

If you’re not 


If you’re not 


And for the first time ever, we want to share with the public, how we are able to use email marketing to grow our business revenue by 4,400%

And not just about sharing our story, we want to also show you how you can implement it in your business, step-by-step.

So, If You Want To Follow Our Proven System To Turn Email Marketing Into Your Most Profitable Sales Channel Yet, And Without Having To Increase Your Marketing Cost…

Then let me introduce you to:


The Small Business Owner’s Step-By-Step Guide To Growing Revenues On Autopilot Through Email Marketing

This XX page eBook is going to reveal step-by-step, everything you need to do, to boost your revenue by 4,400% using the power of email marketing

It is written by a business owner who has successfully mastered email marketing and is using it to ramp up his business sales revenue every year…

…and he wrote it for other businesses owners like you who want to achieve the same result

Every information inside the eBook is 100% practical, and you can start implementing the lessons right from the first day

Here’s A Sneak Preview Of What You’re Going To Learn From This eBook

These are real-life case studies of how email marketing is transforming the revenue of different businesses, even in your industry.

You’ll also learn how it can transform your business specifically, PLUS the step-by-step process to getting it implemented

While there are over 30 different types of emails you can send for your business, some are good for you, and some could even hurt you. 

You’ll learn the exact types of emails you should be sending your subscribers and at what point you should send each type

Writing great emails is the backbone of email marketing, and so you need to master how to write emails that convert. You’ll learn how to do exactly that in this module. 

The emails you’ll learn to write will not just be about converting your leads to paying customers, but you’ll also learn how to make them addicted to hearing from you every day. 

Imagine your customers emailing to ask about you if they stay for some time without hearing from you. That’s how good and addictive it can get

Send too few emails, and you’ll be forgotten; send too many of them, and you’ll be marked as spam. 

You’ll learn the right frequency and the right time to send emails for your business. Follow it and you’ll consistently get high opens and click-through rates, and extremely low unsubscribes.

If your email lands in the spam folder, it’s as good as not sending them at all. You’ll learn all the strategies and precautions you need to implement to ensure that your emails land in the inbox always.

Mess with this area, and you’ll end up with low engagements, unsubscribes, spam reports, and little to no sales. But get it right, and enjoy huge sales, and happy subscribers that look forward to your emails.

In this module, I’ll teach you how to effectively segment your leads to ensure the leads are getting the right emails. The good thing is that you won’t have to do this manually. It’ll be automated too

The idea of email marketing is to automate your marketing, so you can focus on other areas of your business, while sales keep coming in on autopilot. You’re going to learn how you can do this with any CRM or autoresponder

What’s the essence of setting up an email marketing system, when you’re not getting new leads added to the system daily?

In this bonus module, I’ll teach you basic strategies you can implement on your website to get leads daily. These leads will be automatically added to your CRM or autoresponder where the rest of the marketing continues automatically.

And of course, when you implement these lead-generation techniques, it’ll also work on autopilot to get you fresh leads daily from your website

Every chapter in this course is packed with practical knowledge that if implemented, will GUARANTEE AT LEAST, a 50% increase in your revenue within the next 60 days. Could be double or even triple

The Strategies Shared In This Course, Works With Every Autoresponder And Email Marketing Platform Out There

This Course Is For Anyone Trying To Sell Any Product Or Service Using The Internet


Digital marketers

Real estate agencies


Service providers

E-commerce stores


Local businesses


Tech startups

Charity organizations

Affiliate marketers

We’re Not Teaching Theories

We’re teaching you what we’ve done in our own business that made email marketing become our major source of revenue, bringing in over 70% of our annual revenue

Aside from using emails to promote our products, we also use them to promote other people’s products as affiliates, crushing their sales, and winning leaderboards

If you’re not 


If you’re not 


We’re Revealing Everything We Know About Email Marketing For Just $14.40 (Less Than A Pack Of Pizza)

What we reveal here is what people package as mastermind sessions and sell for $997 – $5,000

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We’re sure you’ll find so much value in the eBook that you’ll trust us enough to buy our other products, or even partner with us at some point

PLUS We Are Throwing In Some More Bonuses To Help Make The Implementation Faster And Easier For You


100 Subject Lines That Get Opened (value = $27)

This short tutorial will teach you how to write email subject line that your subscribers can’t resist. 

You will not only learn how to write such powerful openers for your email, but you’ll also get access to 100 subject line examples that are guaranteed to get you crazy open rate.


Email Marketing Checklist (value = $27)

After learning how to implement email marketing in your business through this course, you might get overwhelmed with where to start. 

This checklist will help you follow through what you learned, one step at a time, until you turn the email marketing engine live on your business


Anatomy Of A $50K In 5 Days Email Marketing Campaign (value = $)


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So, confidently go ahead and get your access now with the assurance that you have absolutely nothing to risk or lose

Just One More Warning Before We End:

If you noticed, there are no testimonials about people who have read this eBook

The reason is that we just released it. 

We want our first few buyers to read it, and give us their honest feedback about it. This is why it’s incredibly cheap.

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Here’s a summary of everything you’re going to learn from this eBook, which if implemented, can boost your revenue by 50% – 100% over the next 60 days:

PLUS these extra bonuses:

All for only $14.40 today

I hope I’ll receive your feedback and testimonial after you go through the eBook and implement what you learn. I’m rooting for you,


Patrick Enyum

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