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Here Are All The Types Of Emails You Will Find In This Template Pack

Welcome email templates

Once you get a new lead, you’ll need to send them a powerful welcome email. This will set the stage for the rest of your email campaign. Get it right, and you will have leads eager to read your every email. Get it wrong, and they will unsubscribe immediately.

We’re giving you access to multiple welcome email templates that drive expectations and make your new leads eager to receive and read every of your email

List nurturing/onboarding series

Beyond sending out your welcome email, you need to continually send the new lead series of emails over the next few days of their signup. This is the only way to cement your relationship with them, ingrain your name in their head, and make them trust you.

Once you can achieve that, they will be eager to read every email from you and buy whatever you promote to them. Our list nurturing template will help you achieve exactly that

Newsletter email series

If you are constantly or occasionally creating content for your users, you will need to send them emails that will push them to go read every new release. The templates here are written to make your leads eager to open, read, and click through to your new content

New product/service launch email series

Probably going to be the most profitable template for you. These are emails you can use to announce the release of a new product or service to your leads. They are written to drive maximum sales for you, and come with different angles so that you can promote them over a period of time

Pre-launch email series

This email series is usually sent before you launch your new product or service. It warms up your leads/customers, making them excited about the launch, and eager to get access to them when the cart opens. The email templates here will help you build that anticipation for your launch. The result is that when your cart finally opens, there’s a rain of sales

Cart-abandonment series

70% of people who attempt to checkout on your offer will not end up completing it. You’ll need an email series to get them back, and this is what you get in these templates. If these templates can help you recover even as small as 30% of your abandoned carts, you’ll have doubled your revenue

Testimonial request series

Testimonials are a great way to convince potential buyers that you’re the real deal. The problem is usually how to ask for it from your existing customers. Edit and send one of the series in this template to your existing customers, and watch how testimonials flood in

Referral request email series

Word-of-mouth is probably the best form of advertising. If you just delivered a stellar product or service to your client, asking them to refer you to their friends and colleagues can get you the next customer for free. And you can use the template here to write emails that gets you referrals fast

Re-engagement email series

At some point, your leads might start getting tired of you…it happens. Sending them emails from this series, will reignite the fire they had at the beginning, and get them coming back to engage and even buy from you again

New blog post/video emails

Just released a new blog post or video? You need your leads to go check it out. This will drive instant traffic to the post or video, boosting your engagement. You will need a great teaser email that will make your leads want to hurriedly check it out. This is what this template will help you achieve

Webinar invitation email series

Occasionally, you will host webinars to educate your leads on how to get maximum benefits from your product/service, or to pitch them a new product/service. You will need persuasive email series to get them to sign up for the webinar, and to attend. This is what this template will help you achieve

Product/service update emails

These are emails you send to your customers to let them know about new updates to your products and services. Sending these emails reinforces your customer’s trust in you, as it makes them feel that you’re continually improving your product/service

Seasonal/flash sales email series

Many businesses make their most sales during certain seasons or periods; black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. To get the most from these seasonal offers and flash sales, you need powerful email series that will drive maximum sales for you, and this template does just that

Affiliate marketing email series

If you are a full-time affiliate marketer, or you occasionally promote other people’s products, then you will need these email templates to promote the affiliate offer. It’s the same template we use to make massive sales and commissions, and even win sales leaderboards for the products we promote

Upsell/cross-sell email series

To maximize the sales from every new customer you get, you would want to upsell your product upgrades or cross-sell your other offers to them. You can use these emails to expertly sell to them in a way that they will happily buy and even give you great reviews

Cold email series

If you’re in the B2B space, cold emails are surely going to be part of your strategy. You need emails that catch the attention of your prospect, get them to open, and have them to reply you with an appointment. This is what you’ll get from this section of the templates

Ecom Post-purchase email series

Make the buying experience of your customer awesome, by sending them the emails in this template after they purchase a physical product from your store. You can even adapt it to send new customers that just paid for your service. It makes them feel great buying from you and even psyches them into buying more

Event invitation email templates

Hosting a live video or physical event, then use the templates in this category to crank out emails that build up anticipation in the minds of your audience, making them turn up for the live event

NOTE: We are continually adding more templates to this package. There’s 100% chance that by the time you get this template pack, there will be more than 600 emails in there

There are 479+ emails in total for just a one-time price of $697 $197

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The Templates Can Be Customized For
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Professional service providers


Digital marketers

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If you want it to produce stellar email copy for you, then you need to give it stellar instructions, and only a few understand this.

In this bonus, I’ll give you access to 21 stellar prompts you can give ChatGPT to produce very powerful emails for you for various scenarios. With this, you’ll never lack ideas of emails to write for your audience

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